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The Bibliotheca Mechanico-Architectonica project, inspired by an idea of Antonio Becchi, Federico Foce and Santiago Huerta, aims to provide a meeting place for anyone dealing in history “between mechanics and architecture”. The material offered to its users facilitates source consultation and allows them to make continuous updates on topics concerning mechanics applied to architecture.

The Bibliotheca works in conjunction with the Between Mechanics and Architecture project set up by Edoardo Benvenuto and Patricia Radelet-de Grave, its first Symposium Entre Mécanique et Architecture being held within the XIX International Congress of History of Science (Zaragoza, August 1993). In the following years, the Between Mechanics and Architecture research group organised several international study events (Genoa 1996, Liège 1997, Pescara 1998) and, in July 1999, after Edoardo Benvenuto’s death (1998), founded the Edoardo Benvenuto Association in Genoa. Since then, the Association has promoted numerious international Seminars and every year has awarded the Edoardo Benvenuto Prize, which is dedicated “to the Science and Art of Building in their historical development”. The Association has also edited the publication of various books which form the “paper home” of the Between Mechanics and Architecture project.

From now on, the Bibliotheca Mechanico-Architectonica will be the “digital home” of the same project, its open source access encouraging communication between researchers and facilitating the study of sources.

The site’s administrators will be grateful to all users who wish to report any inaccuracies, suggest any improvements to be made to the website or contribute to the updating of its bibliographic material ( ).