Principles of Conservation - Seminar 03

MArch in Architectural Composition
Principles of Conservation - Seminar 03
20 aprile 2023 | h. 16:30 | room 6D | DAD

Title | Advancing conservation practice and heritage community:
International projects and long-term commitments at the Getty Conservation Institute

Invited speakers | Elena Macchioni (Associate Project Specialist at Getty Conservation Institute), with Margherita Rago, current GCI Graduate Interns
Abstract | Through examples of some ongoing international projects in the Americas and Asia, the lecture aims at presenting the approach to heritage conservation of the Getty Conservation Institute (GCI). The GCI works to advance conservation practice, serving the conservation community and aiming to benefit civil society at large. The Institute’s endeavours are achieved through partnerships with international organizations and authorities, collaboration with local stakeholders, as well as long-term commitment to sites’ stewards. Following the lecture, current GCI Graduate Interns with the Earthen Architecture Initiative Alessandra Sprega and Margherita Rago will describe the graduate internship program and present their work at the Institute in the past year.

This seminar is organized by Stefano F. Musso and Federica Pompejano within the teaching "Principles of Conservation", Second semester, MArch in Architectural Composition. #ArchitecturalComposition #MArchAC #UniGe #DAD #PrinciplesOfConservation #GCI #ConservationOfArchitecture #ArchitecturalHeritage #International #Heritagecommunity

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