reCITYing Kick-off 23.02.2024

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Aula San Salavtore venerdì 22 febbraio ore 9.00


reCITYing Kickoff

reactivating unused urban spaces through architecture and arts.

eCITYing creates a networking platform and exchange on temporary reuse practices to define co-creation of spaces in a European perspective. Aimed at young creatives and professionals from architecture, design and arts, policy makers and local social enterprises, the project aims to promote the regeneration of unused, closed or private urban spaces and buildings into artistic laboratories open to the city and cultural incubators. By addressing the call Ob1. Transnational creation and Circulation, the project foster practical knowledge and professional skills in recycling architecture in 4 Partner + 4 Host cities (Genoa-Lublin, Barcelona-Umea, Hannover-Tallin, Maribor- Timisoara) by consolidating a common logical framework and a roadmap for Temporary Reuse approach.
reCITYing combines partners’ expertise in inclusive co-design methods (UNIGE), digital fabrication (IAAC) urban resilient strategies (LUH), visual arts, video-mapping and arts events creation (UGM) international Festival organisation and dissemination (ACL). The general structure of the project is based on a recursive set of thematic actions (Creative Workshops, Space Installations, Itinerant Space Performances), enriched by moments of capacity building and audience engagement (priority 1) leveraging the role of architecture as a stage for arts and co-creation with the aim of improving social inclusion and accessibility to neglected spaces in the city according to EU Green Deal (priority 3).
Thanks to the experience and results of the Creative Food Cycles project, the partners will be able to transfer the skills acquired to a wider scale, shifting the focus of creative recycling from the product scale to the urban scale, combining the concept of place-branding to the cultural sphere. For dissemination and roll-out, decisive multipliers are addressed, also in other cities, and innovation in education is promoted in a sustainable way with a major share of local CCIs.

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