Urban-CEQ international conference focuses on the evaluation of environmental quality of urban areas, considering a wide range of environmental problems, such as thermal comfort and air quality, and their effects on citizen life conditions and health. The event aims to be a meeting between specialists of fluid dynamics, designers and managers of urban areas in order to identify areas of frontier research, the sharing of useful targets for improvement of urban environmental quality.
More than two thirds of European citizens live in cities, where many environmental problems are concentrated, such as lack of thermal comfort and poor air quality, which seems to be also responsible for life-threatening conditions. It is more and more necessary that the urban regeneration strategies are linked to objectives of environmental quality improvement.

Key topics of the conference

  • Urban Heat Island
  • CFD tools to study pollutants dispersion and thermal comfort
  • Blue-and-green technologies
  • Dynamic simulation studies on urban environment
  • Air quality improvement strategies
  • Greening strategies for urban environment


Scientific Committee

  • Hashem Akbari, Concordia University Montreal
  • Jonas Allegrini - ETH Zürich
  • Thomas Auer - TU München
  • Bert Blocken - TU Eindhoven
  • Riccardo Buccolieri - Università del Salento
  • Massimiliano Burlando - Università di Genova
  • Luisa Cabeza - University of Lleida
  • Jan Carmeliet - ETH Zürich
  • Matteo Carpentieri - University of Surrey
  • Silvana Di Sabatino - Università di Bologna
  • Mario Grosso - Politecnico di Torino
  • Adriano Magliocco - Università di Genova
  • Gabriel Perez - University of Lleida
  • Katia Perini - Università di Genova
  • Paolo Prati - Università di Genova
  • Chao Ren - Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Maria Pia Repetto - Università di Genova
  • Alan Robins - University of Surrey
  • Ted Stathopoulos - Concordia University
  • Timothy Van Renterghem - Ghent University

Organizing Comittee

  • Massimiliano Burlando - Università di Genova - DICCA
  • Maria Canepa - Università di Genova - DAD
  • Patrizia De Gaetano - Università di Genova - DICCA
  • Andrea Giachetta- Università di Genova - DAD
  • Adriano Magliocco - Università di Genova - DAD (Co-chairman)
  • Katia Perini - Università di Genova - DAD
  • Chiara Piccardo - Università di Genova - DAD
  • Marina Pizzo - Università di Genova - DICCA
  • Maria Pia Repetto - Università di Genova - DICCA (Co-chairman)
  • Alessio Ricci - Università di Genova - DICCA

Invited speakers
Prof. Thomas Auer - Chair of Building Technology and Climate Responsive Design, Technische Universität München
Prof. Bert Blocken - chair Building Physics and Urban Physics at the Unit Building Physics and Services (BPS) of the Department of the Built Environment at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands