Incontri con il Paesaggio Aprile 2023

Sören Schöbel is a doctor of engineering and landscape architect. Since 2005, he has headed the professorship for Landscape Architecture of Regional Open Spaces (LAREG) at the TU Munich. The professorship researches the conceptual, formative design of open space and landscape as a structural provider for new urban and rural living environments in four perspectives: renewal of land and cultural landscape, revitalization of the European city, qualification of suburban space, and integration of new land uses and infrastructures.

He is particularly interested in how evolved structures of cultural landscapes and urban spaces can be uncovered, protected, and reinterpreted in order to use landscape and open space as structural generators and as a principle of spatial coherence in ongoing transformation processes. He is an expert consultant on urban planning and landscape aesthetic issues of monument protection, especially in connection with wind and solar plants.

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