Principles of Conservation - Seminar 02

MArch in Architectural Composition 
Principles of Conservation - Seminar 02
13 aprile 2023 | h. 14:30 | room 6D | DAD 

Title | Cultural heritage places in the global context: institutions, themes, challenges, and opportunities for their future

Invited speaker | Luisa De Marco (independent consultant and ICOMOS World Heritage Advisor)
Abstract | The lecture addresses how expanding interest and concerns for the preservation and transmission of our cultural inheritance and historic environments have shaped the idea of cultural heritage and have contributed to the growth of international programmes for its protection and promotion. Key international instruments, such as the World Heritage Convention, and institutions dedicated to the protection and conservation of cultural heritage as UNESCO, ICOMOS, ICCROM, and their activities will be presented. Emerging themes, challenges, and opportunities – climate change, disaster risk reduction, heritage integration into the broader sustainability agenda - for the transmission of cultural inheritance to future generations will also be discussed and related to the architects’ profession. 
This seminar is organized by S.F. Musso and F. Pompejano within the teaching "Principles of Conservation", Second semester, MArch in Architectural Composition.

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